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Oculus On the Drawing Boards (Someday): Ecological Design

Reinventing the Future Interview with Award-Winning Filmmaker Chris Zelov

Ecological Design

Jaime Lerner: Torward A Rechargeable City

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Ecological Design: Inventing The Future

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Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier

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Design Outlaws Reviews:

This book constitutes a collection of the best writings on ecological design I have ever read.

It provides the reader with an optimistic, but pragmatic set of ecological design principles and directions,
in a conversational manner that makes it easy to read.

An ideal first stop in design who haven't yet dipped their toes in the (cleaner) ecological water.


Michael Guerra
The Permaculture Magazine Information Service
Issue 18

Revisiting and updating ideas of recent decades that are still ahead of our times.

Michael Marien
Future Survey
December 1997

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