Solar energy panels that are small, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

When one thinks of solar energy, images of large arrays of panels, towering up toward the Sun emerge. Large, heavy and requiring a substantial frame work of steel supports, installing one atop a residential rooftop is akin to erecting an outdoor billboard.
  • Approximately 270 sq. ft. (45 ft. x 30 ft. x 2 sides of the roof) covers the average annual electricity consumption of a family (in grid connection)
  • Sturdy construction provides protection against environmental elements up to par with any other conventional shingle.


This is why the solar shingle is such a critical breakthrough. These shingles are small solar panels - each one approximately 28" x 16" (72 cm x 40 cm) in size - that interlock as real shingles on a rooftop. The smaller size allows one to completely cover the roof, without looking as if there is some sort of monstrous machine on top of the house. The design is aesthetically pleasing, and yields a considerable amount of power per square meter.

Type of cell:




12 - 15%

4 - 8 %

Cell surface:

160 cm2

1,100 cm2

Number per slate:



Surface utilization



Power per Slate:

11 - 15 WP

4.5 - 9 WP

Power per m2

90 - 123 WP

37 - 74 WP

per Sunslate

Per m2

Surface module:

0.11 m2

0.92 m2


4.3 kg

35 kg


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